Confessions of a Keto Cheater

I must confess. I haven’t been faithful. I’ve cheated on my Keto lifestyle. Please understand that I absolutely love Keto. What’s not to love? I eat fat, protein and more fat. Yum. However, there is this undeniable attraction to the bad boy. It’s name is Carbs. There are times where the warm soft roll is too hard to say no too. Pasta drenched in sauce cries out my name. I fell prey to its temptations. Here is my story.

Last month was the first time I gave in to Carbs. It was a special trip to Ninja Sushi to celebrate my husband’s birthday. It’s unlikely to find really good sushi without rice. I indulged in 3 rolls. Oh, but that didn’t end my indulgent evening. They offer free dessert – fried ice cream. I looked at it that I’ve already given in this much why stop now. I felt like a stuffed pig. I woke up feeling remorse because I allowed myself to give Carbs more of me than I should. There was no point to live in guilt. I had to move on.

The following week, Carbs beckoned me back. I was celebrating yet another birthday. I hardly ate anything all day. Come dinner time, I’m ravenous. We get a table with a view of the San Francisco skyline at the Cheesecake Factory. So here is what I did. I ate the chips with the artichoke and spinach dip, mowed down on bread with butter and moved on to a large pasta dish that was totally amazing. Oh, I can’t forget the sugary, carb-loaded margarita. However, I did redeem myself by sharing a low carb cheesecake with my friend. Ugh. The damage was done. Now I have to deal with the morning after – feeling bloated and pudgy. Carbs were delicious and wonderful, but the physical response told me it wasn’t worth it.

After getting back on track and only proving that my decision to go Keto was definitely the right choice, I’m back in the game. I felt great. My brain fog was lifted. My poochy belly was gone. I had energy to burn. Ahh, free of Carbs. Then it happened. Carbs came knocking on my door again. I tried to resist. I fought as hard as I could against its seduction. I didn’t stand a chance. I gave in. This time it was pizza. The toppings aren’t the problem. It’s the crust. How I love a soft and crispy pizza crust. I was ordering a pizza for my son and his girlfriend. Carbs were sitting there looking desirable. I couldn’t do it alone. I dragged my husband in my sin. It’s hard to admit, but we both gave in to Carbs. We practically ate a large pizza between the two of us. What have we done?! My husband was innocent. Now we both have to reap the consequences. There went my energy and my flat belly. Here came indigestion and water gain. Another cheat day. Blah.

That didn’t end Carbs’ tyranny in my life. It crept back in like a thief in the night. Before I knew what I was doing, I shared in my friend’s popcorn. Then I ate a hot dog with the bun. I’ve gone mad! Was I a lost cause? Can I ever just let Carbs go and live my life?! YES!!!!! Keto isn’t a diet for me. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not to get to a goal weight and stop. I decided almost a year ago that this is the way I want to feed my body. This is the best way to keep healthy for me. How many times did I give into guilt and shame because I cheated on my diet? More times than I can count. Now that’s not worth it. I confess I’ve had more Carbs in the last two months than I have in a year. Guess what? I haven’t gained a pound. I’m holding steady. What I know is this. I’ve never felt better since being on Keto. That’s the bottom line. I’m human. I ate things that were delicious, but didn’t make me feel well after. I’m done beating myself up. When you fall, you just dust yourself off and keep on moving forward. Have you ever had a cheat day then beat yourself up? Felt guilt and shame for that one indulgence? Did you pick yourself up and keep moving forward? Share with me your thoughts. It’s just a part of the journey. Live abundantly.