Ahh Seattle! Can I still Stick to My Keto Lifestyle?

Seattle is a city that leaves you in awe. The region is rich in culture, the arts, music, and history. I arrive and my eye catches the magnificent cityscape, the diverse markets, and the exceptional restaurants. I’m here on business, and I’m taking the opportunity to explore the cuisine of the local area of Pioneer Square. Delis, specialty markets, international, and the delightfully quirky. So much to do and so little time to do it. I’m so excited. Are you ready to enjoy some food? Let’s go!

Sunday, my first day. Super Bowl. I’m not very enthused about the Super Bowl this year. I’m about to butt hurt some people out there, but who cares. I don’t like the Patriots, and I certainly do not care for Tom Brady. You can throw at me all the stats, and winning records this team has accomplished. I don’t care! To see them in the Super Bowl once again, seems boring to me. However, it’s a terrific fortune that during sporting events there are meal and drink deals that wouldn’t normally be offered. Nachos and a Margarita for $5. Sliders and a beer around $6. Appetizer sampler platter $10. Anything to draw the crowd to their establishment. Is it a Keto rich environment? NO!! I don’t eat chips so Nachos are out. I don’t eat bread so sliders are out. The appetizer platter is filled with fried foods. You guessed it. I don’t eat that either. Heck, beer is out! That one hurts. Don’t despair my friends. I’m a pro. You can order tasty keto food in a bar. Have them make the nachos without the chips (this works the best if they’re loaded nachos), and bring in your own fried pork rinds and eat it as a dip. Yummy! Have the sliders wrapped in lettuce instead of the bun. Most stuffed mushrooms are totally acceptable. If the chicken wings aren’t battered or breaded, eat all the chicken wings you want.

After settling in at the hotel, I decided to venture out and find me an ideal bar food location. I went to Target first and got snacks and necessities for the room – heavy cream, butter, mineral water, chocolate almond milk for my protein shakes and these great snack packs with salami, cheese, almonds and a hardboiled egg. Walking back, I decided to take a detour from my route to get closer to the waterfront. Well, one block down. I was on the hunt for a sports bar. Well, no luck. The streets of Seattle are quiet. Coffee houses, shops and delis line the street. Then I stumbled upon a restaurant that had the game playing in the bar. It was Happy Hour. Perfect! Off I go. I got seated at the bar, and was greeted by a very nice and rather handsome bartender named James. We hit it off right away. No, I wasn’t flirting. He hates the Patriots too. However, he wasn’t perfect. He’s an Oakland Raiders and USC fan. The name of this little find is All Water. They had $2.50 oysters. I’ve had no interest in trying oysters. They just look like snot in a shell. Now that I’m blogging, I must try things I wouldn’t normally. Oysters are keto friendly and the price is right for my food per diem. I order it. The little guy arrives. I’m nervous. I’m unsure. Ugh. I really don’t want to do this. I put some of the red wine vinegar concoction on it, squeezed some juicy lemon on it and slurped it right up like a pro. Eek. Not my thing. It was briny and slimy. It was positively tangy with vinegar and citrus. I don’t know. Maybe prepared differently? I can say now I’ve tried an oyster. Thank you world for getting me out of my comfort zone.

I then order the buffalo chicken wings. I can’t go wrong with that. Really?! I was wrong. The wings came to my seat with luscious buffalo sauce, crispy and quite large for wings. A side of carrots and celery accompanied by ranch dressing. I picked one up and discovered these are not wings but tenders. Ugh! Tenders are breaded! Crap! I should’ve turned them away. But I didn’t. I ate them anyway. Now, if they were bold and tangy as a typical wing is, I would be like whatever and not worry about it. They were bland. No tang. No spice. The ranch was even a bit boring. This meal isn’t worth doing something outside keto for sure. I’m human. I was into the game, drinking my Pinot, which happened to be the best thing I had all night. It was smooth, had a nice mouth feel, and was surprisingly fruity. However, I mindlessly ate the “wings” anyway. I still think this was a great place. I saw a table with the most amazing looking salmon plate, the truffle fries were a fragrant wonder and happy hour prices do give anyone pause. I need to be more careful. I need to ask questions. That’s what is responsible for me to stay on track. I recommend doing what is right for you. If you are following a keto lifestyle, then you know you must be aware. What would you do? Would you have eaten them anyway? Do you think I should’ve returned them? Let me know. I want to hear from you. Until tomorrow’s new food adventure, adieu.