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Hello World!! My name is Heidi Dressler, and welcome to my site “Who is Heidi.” Before I go any further, here is more about me. I live in Sacramento, CA (yep, that now famous city thanks to the movie Lady Bird) in a simple suburban neighborhood. I have a loving husband and two wonderful boys. I have awesome friends and a supportive family. Now, there is this one thing. This isn’t uncommon and it won’t be surprising. My biggest hurdle in life has been my weight. Since the third grade, I’ve been overweight and have yo-yoed from my ideal weight to being categorized as obese. Food has always been a crutch for times of joy, sorrow or even boredom. Now in my late forties, food is more than a crutch, it’s a part of life. I made food the bad guy for my bad choices. Not anymore! I’m giving food the credit it deserves.

I decided some years ago to start a blog. The springboard was watching the movie Julie and Julia. Amy Adams plays Julie who works a unfulfilling job and decides to embark on making all 524 recipes in Julia Childs’ cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The movie intertwines with Julie’s story and the life of Julia Childs. Julie blogs about her experiences of successes and failures in preparing the very complex recipes. This inspired me. The food looked sometimes amazing and sometimes not so appetizing. It showed me that food is exciting. I’ve given food the wrong kind of love. There was no appreciation. It was just a means to an end. I didn’t end up starting a blog back then, but it was sat in this quiet corner in my mind. With no more excuses and pushing away any fear of failure, I’m starting on my new adventure.

Who is Heidi is a gateway into my personal experiences with food.¬† Why food? Well, I love it! Food is creative, decadent, fresh, essential, scrumptious, addicting, good for you, bad for you and is versatile. There are endless possibilities. Food is in everybody’s life; therefore, I know we all have a story to tell where food has its impact. Many of us struggle with our weight or food allergies. There are people who make food their career like chefs and food critics. Then you have¬† those who simply can’t afford to buy food. My blog is about learning from one another because life is messy and thrilling. Take this ride with me and together let’s learn more about what life with food can offer. There’s so much to do and try! Cheers!

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